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We are well on our way to building the largest selection of irresistible Tennessee vacation cabins, cottages, lodges, and homes on the Internet. We’ve made it FUN to find Tennessee vacation rentals and EASY to book directly with the owners or local managers. Booking direct is the only way to avoid those middleman booking website traveler fees.

Did you know that online travel agencies like VRBO, FlipKey and Booking.com charge renters to use their websites when they book? Did you know that aggregator websites like HomeToGo and TripAdvisor only compare travel websites whose listings likely include rental upcharges to cover booking commissions, plus charge you up to 30% in traveler fees? RentTennesseeCabins.com is free to use! You always connect and book DIRECTLY with Tennessee vacation rental owners or local property managers assuring the lowest rental rate. Besides, Tennessee cabin owners and local managers are your best tour guides, not booking website call centers.

  • We provide lots of up-to-date information about each rental
  • New vacation rentals will be added every month
  • Sign up and download vacation rental specials
  • Our "Narrow Your Search" tool will help you find a group of Tennessee rentals that meet your unique needs


"Thanks for making it easy to contact the owner at Vikki Woods Rentals House on Watauga Lake in Butler. Since we have 6 adults and 2 children, it was important to speak to the owners before booking."
Monica M. monica.martin@robeson.k12.nc.us

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Message to Tennessee vacation rental owners and property managers

  • Do you have more than 1 rental? Every rental unit can have its own details page.
  • We initially set up your listing(s) for you!. You manage your listing(s) via Property Manager. Change descriptions, rates, upload new photos, promote specials and any social media sites, etc. You are in control.
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Professional marketing services - joint advertising opportunities
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Annual analytic reports showing number of listing visits, and number of visits to your official property website
  • We are passionate about promoting Tennessee vacation rentals. This passion stems from our founder (Joe Mogensen) who grew up at his small family owned resort in northern Wisconsin.

Property listings automatically "shuffle" with every visit or page refresh. Your listing is never stuck at the bottom of search results, and you are not asked to pay more to appear at the top.

We understand the role your unique vacation rentals play in creating vacation memories. Part of our mission is to make more vacationers aware of the vacation experience only found in TN cabins, cottages, lodges and homes.

"Congratulations on getting your site up on google. Takes alot of work to get organic placement. Getting good inquiries."
Kathy, Norris Lake Cabin Rentals

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RentTennesseeCabins.com is a website that specializes in connecting travelers with rental cabins and vacation homes in Tennessee. The website features a wide range of properties, from cozy cabins in the woods to luxurious vacation homes near the water.

There are several reasons why you might use RentTennesseeCabins.com to plan your next vacation. Here are a few:

  1. Variety of options: RentTennesseeCabins.com features a wide variety of vacation rentals across the state of Tennessee, so you can find the perfect cabin or vacation home to suit your needs.

  2. Easy to use: The website is easy to navigate, with search filters that allow you to narrow down your options by location, amenities, and more.

  3. Verified properties: RentTennesseeCabins.com verifies all of the properties listed on the site, so you can feel confident that you're booking a legitimate vacation rental.

  4. Direct booking: You can book your rental directly with owners and local property managers and save. You do not have to book through expensive third-party booking sites or travel agents.

  5. Cost-effective: Renting a vacation home or cabin can often be more cost-effective than staying in a hotel, especially if you're traveling with a larger group or planning an extended stay.

Google recommended: "RentTennesseeCabins.com is a great resource for anyone looking to book a vacation rental in Tennessee."

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