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Terms of Use

By using our services and SUBMITTING website forms offered on RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM, you (PROPERTY OWNERS, MANAGERS, AND RENTERS) agree to the terms and conditions stated in our privacy policy. RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM is not responsible for accurate rate information, mis-information, availability information, wrong / illegally uploaded images/pictures, OR any coupon expiration and usage for all rental properties on this website. Since renters book directly with property owners or local property managers whom list on this website, the renters must honor all terms and booking/cancellation policies of property owners or property managers. Property descriptions that appear on cannot be copied and pasted: Descriptions either copied and pasted from other websites onto or descriptions copied and pasted from onto other websites. Duplicating content is against our terms of use and can result in listing description(s) being automatically re-set to our default, or listing removal - (either) without warning. Under no circumstances can any member enter a URL link to these dot coms: vrbo, homeaway, airbnb, tripadvisor, flipkey, hometogo, expedia, craigslist, findrentals, tripping - into their Property Dashboard. Any links to competing Online Travel Agencies will be removed and the listing(s) can be made inactive without notice. PayPal fees associated with the cancellation of a PayPal payment by a member shall be reimbursed to JM Creative Group Member Listing(s) that violate our terms forfeit their annual subscription fee balance (if any apply.) Cabin or resort titles (entered into the Property Dashboard) cannot include a URL(s) or phone numbers. URL(s) and or phone numbers will be deleted by RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM without notice. is not responsible for a person(s) (accident or death) occuring at ANY vacation rental listing on our website. RENTERS are solely responsible to confirm vacation rentals meet state and/or federal vacation-rental requirements. All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. shall not be responsible or liable for any typographical errors, mapping errors, misinformation, wrongful/illegal/copy protected video uploads, or description misprints. Travelers are 100% responsible to validate the short-term and/or long-term legal requirements before renting. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Our Book-Safe Guarantee means that on the day RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM set up the listing RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM confirmed the vacation rental did have a property owner or manager, a street address, a website and/or Facebook and/or Blog. RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM MEMBER OF JM CREATIVE GROUP, LLC is not responsible for any fraud/money loss due to a change of rental ownership and/or rental status after the listing was created. RENTTENNESSEECABINS.COM speaks to new members by phone as part of its on-boarding due diligence.

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