These Norris Lake cabins and vacation rentals in TN are "home" to over 34,000 acres of crystal clear water. Boating and fishing fun on Norris Lake in Tennessee.

Norris Lake Cabins

Why choose Norris Lake cabin rentals?

It’s obvious to us, but then again we talk to the cabin owners and write about Norris Lake vacation rentals every month.

Vacationers will enjoy endless adventure that starts where the foothills of the majestic Smoky Mountains meets 800 miles of water. Did you know Norris Lake spans over 34,000 acres? Cabin time around here includes boating, fishing and more boating on what Water Ski Magazine ranks #1 for skiing east of the Mississippi: Norris Lake. Cabin rentals in LaFollette, Speedwell, Sharps Chapel, Maynardville, New Tazewell, and Jacksboro offer hiking, rock climbing and kayaking adventures

If you can find a vacation home on the lake, plan ahead because these are very popular. No surprise that each offers a unique vantage point and panoramic views of Lake Norris. Endless adventure off water too: 70 miles of trails twist through 24,000 acres of wilderness for horseback riding, mountain biking, hunting and whatever else your group can think of.

Spend the day fishing for dinner! Norris Lake has some of the best fresh water fishing in Tennessee, and there is lots of competition for that title. Fish on! Black crappie, bluegill, brown trout, channel catfish, striper and more. Fish on the fly too, for the serious fly-fisherman head to the Clinch River. We collected all the Norris Lake cabins and put them on one page.

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